Magic Lamp Collector / 魔灯收藏家

Event Period: 
26 Jan 2017 (12:01AM) ~ 15 Feb 2017 (11:59PM GMT+8)
Event Details: During the event period, users that spent on certain amount of PlayCash on item mall will be entitled to receive these rewards.

1) Each ID can only receive once.

2) After the event period has ended, rewards will be credited to you within 7 working days.

3) All reward can be accumulate, except the Lucid ruby, military uniform magic lamp and costume package.

(If player A spending 8000 PlayCash within (Jan26 to Feb1) he can get appraiser's pouch(60) school uniform magic lamp(40) as reward.)


1月26日 (12:01AM) ~ 2月15日 (11:59PM GMT+8)

1) 每个账号只能赢取一次。

2) 活动结束后,奖励将会在7天工作日内发送。