Merry Christmas!!! To all soulhunters, finally the santa claus has coming to EOS, this time santa claus are bringing presents so be prepared soul hunters to join the party! Brand new magic lamp with porcelain outfits in the next Echo of Soul SEA update on the 19th of December 2016.



Update Content List / 更新内容:

1) Christmas Event updated (Dec,19 2016 to Jan, 4 2017) / 更新圣诞节活动(2016年12月19日至2017年1月4日)

Users can access the event map by find Tiny Timmy(Event NPC) near Warp Assistant in Menmos, Ignea, Rimen and Laterna. 

玩家可以在战灵回响莫涅村,伊戈奈亚, 利曼和德尔纳的传送向导附近寻找塔塔(活动NPC)进入活动地图

There is a lot of mission over the map, after complete the mission, soulhunters will recevied a special from santa claus! Let's enjoy!



2) Magic Lamp has been updated / 魔灯更新

New Mount / 新坐骑

Rain Cloud/雨云


Storm Cloud/乌云

Flower Cloud/彩云

New Costume / 新时装

Archer / 神射手

Guardian / 守护者

Rogue / 刺客

Warrior / 战士

Sorceress / 魔法师

Warlock / 术士

New Pet / 新宠物

Snowman / 雪人

Item Inside New Magic Lamp/新魔灯里的物品


3) New Cash Item has been updated / 商城新品

Bunny&Beast Outfits / 兔女郎&兽王服装

Bunny&Beast Hats / 兔女郎&兽王帽子

New Face Accessories / 新脸部饰品

Rhino Mount / 犀牛坐骑


Thanks / 谢谢

EOS Team / EOS团队