Item Mall

Click Gift Box icon at the bottom right of the screen, or press [Alt + C] to access the Cash Shop. You can buy a wide variety of useful items from the Cash Shop, or send it as a gift to the other players.

Use Soul Gem to buy item in the Cash Shop.

There will be Costumes, Mount, Pet, and other item such as Enhancement item, Blessing, etc.


❏ Item List

Items in the Cash Shop are divided into several categories, such as 'New & Hot', 'Clothing', 'Package', 'Dungeon', and 'Misc'. Still confused which tab to check? Just click tab ‘Special’ to see the outstanding items. You could check how costume item look on you by click the item’s icon.

Once you sure to buy the item, click 'Buy' button to buy it. Or click the 'Add' button to add it to the shopping list if you want to buy other items, or click “Gift” button to send it as a gift to your friend. You also could ask your friend to purchase the item for you by pressing the 'Request' button.


❏ Gift Box

Gift Box is a place to take out the gift from your friend. You can see information about the sender name, delivery time, item name, quantity, etc. Items obtained as gifts can only be stored for 30 days. So be sure to immediately take the item after receiving it.


❏ Event

You can check and receive items from the various events held by GM in the Event Box. Just like Gift Box, items that you receive in the event will be saved for 30 days.

Click the 'Get All' to receive all the gifts you receive. Please claim your prize before making period ends.


❏ History

You can check Cash Item purchase history easily in the tab History. In addition, you also can see a list of items sent as gifts to your friends. To avoid purchasing the same item repeatedly, you should always check this tab regularly.