Soul System

Each time you kill a monster, you will get some Soul of Chaos which could be seen on Soul Bag Menu (Shortcut: V). Soul is the essence of battle and life in EOS. Before you could use the Soul, you need to purify them first. Then you’ll be able to level up your Soul Skill until reach 20% efficiency rate.

Soul of Chaos can be purified into Soul of Hope, Soul of Pure, Soul of Courage, and Soul of Peace. 

  1. Total Purified Soul
  2. Amount of purified Soul of Hope, Soul of Courage, Soul of Peace, and Soul of Pure.
  3. Button to open the Profession Soul Master.
  4. Amount of Soul of Chaos obtained from monster. Once you reach the maximum amount, you can’t get more Soul.
  5. Button to open Soul Skill.
  6. Button to perform Soul Purification with another player (Co-op Purification).
  7. Button to confirm the purification.

❏ Solo Purification

You can purify Souls at the Soul Sanctum found in every town. You need to stand near the blue transparent pillar. When you do a ‘Solo Purification’, you need 2 Soul of Chaos to get one purified Soul.

❏ Co-op Purification

You could cut the amount of needed Soul by doing purification with another player. This is known as ‘Co-op Purification’. With this purification, you only need 1 Soul of Chaos for 1 purified Soul. You also don’t need to be around a Soul Sanctum for ‘Co-op Purification’.

To do Co-op Purification, you need to click the target player then choose option ‘Co-op Purification’. Once the target accepts your request, press ‘Purification’ button shown in the screen.

❏ Using Soul Skill

After performing purification, you can use the Skill Soul with shortcut “Shift + V" to open the interface. You have to choose one of four existing Skill Soul. Press shortcut “T” to use your selected Soul Skill. You can use the Skill Soul for 30 seconds with a pause of 2 minutes delay.

Press ‘Shift + V’ to choose which Soul Skill you want to use.

 Press ‘Shift + V’ to choose which Soul Skill you want to use.


▲ Press the shortcut ‘T’ to use the Skill Soul.