There are 5 Class character type in EOS. Warrior, Rogue, Guardian, Sorceress, and Archer. Warrior, Rogue, and Guardian are an expert at close combat, while the Sorceress and Archer are ranged combat specialist. Class in EOS is gender-lock. Warrior and Rogue are male, while Guardian, Sorceress, and Archer are female.

In EOS, there’s no Healer. Warrior (talent: Defender) and Guardian (talent: Earth) are Tanker, and other Class’s role are based on their specialty. Everyone can take a role as Healer by using Recovery Scroll.

All Class can be a Damage Dealer, Healer, or even a Buffer but it’s better to pick a role based on each character specialty.

Warrior would be better as the control center of Party because his Defense stability is higher. Guardian could help Warrior through her multi-talent skill with Soul. Rogue could be as a main Damage Dealer with his deadly poison, while Sorceress is responsible to execute enemies with her skills and her Abnormal Damage Effect which have higher impact. Last but not least, Archer could give Buff to increase the Attack and Defense of Party member.