EOS World

Long time ago, there was a time when Gods and Giants walk in the world. But they didn’t get along. There are many conflicts between them in order to determine who the most worthy to rule the world, which led to a prolonged battle. The war finally ends when the Giant King, Ymir, defeated by Odin the Leader of the Gods.

Unfortunately, Ymir’s death triggers another calamity in the world. When Ymir beheaded, his blood and Soul of Darkness flowed within scattered and contaminate The World Tree, source of all Creation. Soul of Darkness’s strength is so strong, even Odin was unable to purify it. If this contamination continues, no doubt the world will be filled with the power of darkness and destroyed...

Attempted to prevent further damage, Odin divide Soul of Darkness into 6 parts (Envy, Pride, Sloth, Wrath, Fragmentation, and Despair). Those parts then hidden in some secret places in the world, to keep them away from the evil.

The Goddess Frigg then sacrifice herself by immerses into The World Tree to purify the darkness power. Unfortunately, despite their noble efforts the world still haven’t purified from Ymir’s malicious spirit.

After war between Gods and Giants ended, Odin rules the world. Sadly peace did not last long. Imidum and Loki led a rebellion. Odin managed to ease off the revolution but Loki and Imidum escaped to gather the troops. War was inevitable. For the second time, Loki and Imidum again lost. Loki disappears without a trace, while Imidum escape to Gehenna and targeting Soul of Darkness to take revenge on Odin.

Those wars drained the energy and power of the Gods. Odin eventually formed an "Arcana", which contains chosen humans to help keep the world. Arcana get special ability to control the Soul and purify it. Once Gods sure of world’s safety, they create a body to communicate easier with humans in the world. After preparing the future through Arcana, then Gods went to sleep in The River of Time.

You are the chosen one. You are the Arcana. World’s future is in your hands. Proverb says, with a great power comes a great responsibility. Then will you able to carry it? Or will you succumbed by the darkness?