solo dungeon

Have you ever wanted to challenge your PVE ability? In EOS, you will experience thrilling dungeon in three different difficulty modes: Solo, Party, and Raid Dungeon. In each mode, you will also able to choose between Normal and Hero stage.

To enter Dungeon, simply open Smart Matching window (shortcut: H) and choose tab "Dungeon". You could go into low level dungeon (below level 60) without any limit. But for Dungeon level 60 and above, your maximum number of entries are 4 times/week. After finish the Dungeon, be sure to reset it so the monsters will reappear when you enter it again. Remember, you can't reset a dungeon while inside it.

In Solo Dungeon, bosses will drop loot for your Class only. So be sure to take an advantage to gear up your character! You need to defeat the bosses in Hidden Cave, Forest of No Return, Magic Commander's Hideout, Bulwark of Cork, Draken's Laboratory, and Hell's Temple.

Hidden Cave (Lv. 10)

Forest of No Return (Lv. 20)

Magic Commander's Hideout (Lv.30)

Bulwark of Cork (Lv. 40)

Draken's Laboratory (Lv.50)

Hell's Temple (Lv.61)