Some players might be love slaying all the beasts and grinding rather than kill another player. If you feel the same, you need to go to Infinite Hunting Ground to satisfy your hunger. Infinite Hunting Ground is a great place to earn EXP and a lot of secondary currency.

Secondary currency you earned in Infinite Hunting Ground are exchangeable for rare accessories and equipment. You can’t find them anywhere else! Find Courage Badge merchant to exchange it.

Each hunting ground requires certain level to enter. Each major area is home to two or three hunting grounds.

In Levens you will find Goblin Camp (suitable for level 10-15) and Wildcat Gorge (suitable for level 15-20).

In Heliana, there are Falcon Mercenary Base (lv 20-25), Karquul Hideout (lv 25-30), and Plains of Sorrow (lv30-35)

In Portus, you will find Ogre Canyon (lv 35-40), Shadow Lair (lv 40-45), and Dragon Cave (lv 45-50).

Lastly, in Rodby you will find Forge of Madness (lv 50-55) and Frozen Forest (lv 55-60).

Before slay the beasts, always check the required level for a hunting ground. Don’t ever forget that!