Want to quickly level up your character? Just go to Battlefield then. If there’s one thing MMORPG gamers can’t wait to the warzone, it’s the Battlefield. But to win it, you have to become the Battlefield itself by owning it.

You will able to join the Battlefield via Smart Matching window (shortcut: H). Enter this Colosseum of chaos is as easy as counting 1-2-3! Once you open the Smart Matching window, click ‘PVP’ button.

There are two different type of Battlefield: Battlefield Courage and Struggle Vale. Upon your arrival in Battlefield, you will notice a group of NPCs. Talk with them to buy all kinds of powerful equipment you gonna need for the battle. You will also able to trade your Hero Medal gained on Battlefield with excellent quality gears. Those gears are the must-have-items to defeat all your enemies!

Good quality gear is not the only important thing when it comes to conquer the Battlefield. You also need good teamwork. Thankfully, it’s easy to check up on your fellow teammates even during the most chaotic combat. Simply click ‘See Score’ button at the bottom of your screen, or press Alt+S. Don’t mix it with enemy team. Your team will always appear on the left side.

❏ Battlefield Courage

On this mode, you have to seize enemy’s base (also make sure your base is not seized by them). The longer your team occupies the bases, the higher chance to win. Be careful, your effort won’t be easy! Hellfire Bruiser Hephaestus, the living manifestation of Hell itself will appear periodically in Watcher’s Purlieu to the south. Every time your team defeats him, you will get points along with powerful buffs.

❏ Struggle Vale

Tower mode is too easy for you? Then pick the Resource mode where heartache and misfortune run as rampant as the resources you must collect.

You have to act quickly. In this mode, your mission is to collect as many resources as possible. Five separate trenches make up the map, and at the center of each trench are the nodes you must covet—Concentrated Resources. These power-packing resources are worth more than your average resource, so you need to focus on these to win the Battlefield.